Consulate General of Pakistan, Melbourne no longer accepts paper-based visa applications. Please apply online at

General Information (Visa)

Pakistan Online Visa System is now open for the citizens of 179 countries
Citizens of 50 countries are eligible to apply for Visa On Arrival (VOA) under Tourist Category
Citizens of 95 countries are eligible to apply for Visa on Arrival (VOA) under Business Category
Indian nationals will continue to apply for visa using paper-based application form
Minimum 6 months valid passport is required for the visa processing
Applicant’s physical presence may be required for interview before issuance of visa
Applicants are advised to upload only original supporting documents for processing of visa applications (no faxed, photocopied or e-mailed documents will be accepted)
Fresh visa for Pakistan will only be issued on the expiry of previous visa.
Host individuals / companies are required to certify in the invitation letter that they will be responsible for applicant (s) in all respects during their stay in Pakistan.
Visa Fees is non-refundable, charged per person, and is subject to periodic revision.
For any additional information and online application please visit:

Please make sure that you have the following documents readily available while you fill in the online visa application form:
Electronic version of your photograph up to the size of 200 KB (white background, showing full face, without hat, helmet or sunglasses, although you can wear everyday glasses)
Valid credit / debit card for online payment.
Original Passport
All other supporting documents (according to the category of application)
Please complete the online visa application correctly. Do not leave any column vacant. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory (the provided data in the application form will be verified by the relevant departments).
While applying through the online Visa System, please select visa office nearest to your residence as you may be required to appear for an interview before the “Visa Officer”.
Please carefully select the category of visa as it can not be changed at a later stage. Please note that Family Visit Visa category is only for the applicants whose parents or spouse are Pakistani nationals.
Applicants applying in Business visa category are requested to provide E- Business Invitation Letter (E-BIL) issued by NADRA.
Applicants are advised to plan their journey / business trip and purchase air tickets as per the time lines given for the visa processing of various categories of e-Visa.
For question and or complaints, you can approach officials of the Ministry of Interior at and visa officer of the Consulate General of Pakistan Melbourne at 0396967348 &amp
Detailed instructions can be found on:

Frequently Asked Questions (Visa)

As long you have your Valid Pakistani Passport or NICOP you can travel to Pakistan without visa. Smart Chip Card / CNIC is not considered as NICOP. However, if your NICOP is expired, you can still get Landing Permit (with 72 hours validity) in Pakistan. Before the expiry of Landing Permit, you will have to apply for NICOP/Pakistani Passport. In all other cases, you need to get e-visa against your Australian Passport.

Yes, we accept electronic applications. Visa Fee is also paid online using credit/debit card. You will need to scan your original supporting documents and upload against your e-visa application.
Yes. You are required to get visa for a minor / child to travel to Pakistan.
Yes. You are required to get visa for a new born baby to travel to Pakistan
Birth Registration of a child with the Consulate is neither a substitute for visa nor passport. Parents can either obtain Pakistani passport for their child or they can seek visa on Australian passport of the child.

Following are the requirements:

Original Passport (Third country nationals need a valid resident visa in Australia as well).
Original letter of invitation from Pakistan along with the telephone number and address of your sponsor in Pakistan.
Scanned copy of CNIC of the sponsor (both front and back).
If you do not have a sponsor then we need your travel itinerary with the hotel reservation confirmation in Pakistan.

Afghan origin applicants / nationals need to upload following documents

Scanned Copy of passport
Visa Grant Notice in case of Afghan passport
Invitation letter from Pakistan
Colour copy of Pakistani ID (both sides) of invitee / sponsor
Copy of any utility bill (electricity or gas), having same address as on Pakistani ID of invitee / sponsor

Following documents are required:

Copy of your marriage certificate
Copy of your valid Pakistani CNIC /Passport

To apply for the spouse visa for Pakistan, we need original marriage certificate, your valid Pakistani CNIC / Passport, your in-laws invitation letter along with the scanned copies of their Pakistani CNIC / Passport.

You would be required to submit a letter from Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbhandak Committee in Pakistan for the grant of pilgrimage visa. You should also submit sponsor letters from both Sikh Associations in Pakistan and in Australia sponsoring your visit along with the details of places you would stay and your complete itinerary.

You travel to Pakistan (your home country) on this minimum validity but cannot come back to Australia. For international travel, your passport must be valid for at least six months.
For visa processing for Pakistan, Australian passport or other third country passports must have minimum 06 months validity.
Yes you can. We should consider your application provided you fulfil all other requirements relevant to the category of application.
No. Paper-based application for processing of visa requests has been discontinued. However, the Indian Nationals are still required to submit paper-based application form along with supporting documents.
In order to get a family visit-visa you need following document(s):

Marriage Certificate and valid Pakistani Passport / CNIC of the spouse or
Valid Pakistani Passport / CNIC of the parent(s) or any other document (e.g. Birth Certificate, Family Registration Certificate) to establish Pakistani origin
Family Visit visa is issued to only those applicants whose parents or spouse are Pakistani nationals.

Following are the requirements for issuance of business visa:

Recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia OR
Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by the concerned Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan OR
Recommendation letter by the Trade Commissioner (Consul General of Pakistan of Pakistan in Sydney).
Please note that business visa applicants must upload NADRA E-Business Invitation Letter (issued by NADRA on the recommendation of concerned Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan) for successful processing of their visa applications.

There are total of 96 countries placed in the Business Visa list which includes Australia. The nationals of these countries can get a 30 days Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) in Pakistan on production of any of the following documents in original:

Recommendation letter from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Australia
Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by the concerned Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan
Recommendation letter by the Trade Commissioner (Consul General of Pakistan of Pakistan in Sydney).

This facility was available for paper-based visa application and processing, which has been discontinued. All payments for visa processing can be made online against your credit / debit card.
No, Indian Nationals are still required to use paper-based application form along with the supporting documents.