Trade Delegations

The Consulate General of Pakistan, Sydney provides coordination and support to the trade delegations from Pakistan to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. The Consulate provides the following services to the incoming delegations:


Assistance in organising B2B meetings
Coordination for logistical arrangements of the delegation, and
Issuance of visa invitation letters for the official delegates


In order to optimise the benefit from the trade delegations, the following guidelines may be followed:


The Consulate provides services to incoming delegations organised only by the government agencies and / or registered trade organisations of Pakistan
The delegation’s visit may be scheduled in consultation with the Consulate and must avoid the holiday season in Australia e.g., 1st December to 15th January
The timely planning is critical for the desired outcome of the delegation. The delegation may be planned at least six months in advance
The final date of the visit and the composition of delegation are to be conveyed to the Consulate at least three months in advance. The quality of business meetings depends on the strict observance of this timeline since Australian businesspersons plan their diaries long in advance and usually don’t accommodate requests for meetings at a short notice
The last-minute changes in the dates of visit must be avoided
All requests for visa invitation letters are to be routed through to the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan