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    After Office hours and Closed Holidays, the following phone

    numbers may be used:
    Saturday – Tuesday:  0490434219
    Wednesday – Friday:  0422786370

    Our Address

    55 Cardigan Place, Albert Park VIC 3206

    Phone & Email
    Consular Hours

    09.30 am to 1 pm (Monday-Thursday) – 09.30 am to 12 pm (Friday)

    Contact Details of the Consulate General’s Team

    S. No. Name Designation Office Phone No. Mobile No. Email
    1 Syed Moazzam H. Shah Consul General 396825733 493136007
    2 Mr. Faisal Hayat Khan Head of Chancery 396825755 422259272
    3 Mr. Mumtaz Ali Sial Assistant Private Secretary 396967348 490434219
    4 Mr. Qasim Khan Accountant 396967348 422786370
    5 Mr. Sannan Qureshi Consular Assistant 396967348

    List of Focal Persons in Different Ministries/Departments in Pakistan

    S. No. Ministry/Division/Department Name Designation Phone Location Email Webpage/Facebook
    1 Ministry of Human Rights Mr. Arif Shamim Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9205862 9th Floor, Kohsar Block, New Pak Sectt.

    2 Industries & Production Division Mr. Muhammad Ali Shahzad Muzaffar Deputy secretary (Admn) 051-9206035 D Block, Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad
    3 Pakistan Medical Commission Sheikh Ikram Ullah Senior Coordinator Operations 051-9106162 Pakistan Medical Commission Head Office, G-10/4, Islamabad

    4 National Commission for Human Rights Mr. Fateh Muhammad Dummer Assistant Director (Admn-I) 051-9216830 National Commission for Human Rights, 5th Floor Evacuee Trust Complex Building, F-5/1, Agha Khan Road, Islamabad
    5 Planning, Development & Special Initiatives Division Mr. Khalid Javaid Deputy Secretary (Org/Lit) 051-9207693 Column 6 Value 5 Room No. 607, 6th Floor, “P” Block, Pak Sectt., Islamabad
     6 Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Mr. Hamid Mahmood Rana Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9202969/03005141516 Room No. 135, 1st Floor, “R” Block, Pak Sectt., Islamabad
    7 Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (IMPASS) Ms. Sadia Haider Director Coordination 051-9107044 Room No. 105, Directorate General of Immigration & Passports HQs, Mauve Area, G-8/1, Islamabad

    8 National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) Syed Mohsin Director Operations 051-9208615 NADRA HQs, Operations Division, G-5/2, Islamabad
    9 Ministry of National Food Security & Research Mr. Qasim Khan Khattak Deputy Secretary 051-9202936 “B” Block, Pak Secretariat., Islamabad
    10 Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Syed Mehboob Ali Bukhari Deputy Secretary 051-9205155 / 0306-3332555 Room No.5, Block-B, M/o Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, 1st Floor (TUV) Kohsar Block, New Secretariat., Islamabad

    11 Ministry of Federal Education & Profession Training Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Deputy Secretary (Coord & Council/Legal) 051-9202090 Room No. 128, 1st Floor, C Block, Pak. Secretariat., Islamabad
    Fax: 051—9103917
    Cell No. +92-300-5247847
    12 Capital Development Authority (CDA) Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Wattoo Director-I 051-9252980 Capital Development Authority, Islamabad
    13 Ministry of Economic Affairs Mr. Rahman Shah Deputy Secretary 051-9202010 Room No. 514, Block-C, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Pak. Secretariat., Islamabad
    14 Ministry of Science & Technology Mr. Muhammad Ramazan Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9206434
    15 Ministry of Overseas Pakistani Ms. Amna Shabbir Deputy Secretary (Coord) 051-9202691 9th Floor, Ministry of OP & HRD, Kohsar Block
    16 National Heritage & Culture Division Mr. Nazir Ahmed Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9222758 4th Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    17 Ministry of Energy (Power Division) Mr. Rana Ishtiaq Ahmed Chief Engineer, (Distt Opr) -8088736 112, 1st Floor, Evacuee Trust Complex, F-5/1, Islamabad
    18 Ministry of Commerce Deputy Secretary (Admn/Finance) 051-9201798 Room No. 324, 3rd Floor, A-Block, Pak. Secretariat, Islambad
    19 Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Allah Dad Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9208193 3rd Floor, “R” Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    20 Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9219971 7th Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    21 Ministry of Maritime Affairs Mr. Rana Muhammad Yousaf Khan Deputy Secretary 051-9244178 8th Floor, Kohsar Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    22 Ministry of Defence Production Mr. Muhammad Ali Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9270983 Rawalpindi
    23 Ministry of Housing & Works Mr. Shahbaz Mustafa Deputy Secretary (Admn) 051-9217155 “B” Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad
    24 SME Bank Limited Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Senior VP/Head of Compliance 051-9221932 Islamabad